The Triple Crisis

It has been suggested on my website and elsewhere [1] that we face three fundamental strategic crises:
  • "Firstly, there is a short term economic crisis in modern economies. Our quality of life could be better than it currently is, and we need to ensure we save enough for the retirement of an ageing population. Our tax systems hold back the economy
  • Secondly, there is a particular crisis in energy and food sectors, with soaring prices and political instability in suppliers of energy.
  • Thirdly, there is a global crisis over the future of life on earth, associated with climate change, pollution and the burning of fossul fuels."
I hope to address these fundamental issues in this blog and on my website in my "Short Guide to a Secure Future".

"These crises need a robust, global and integrated response. This website will describe a set of credible and realistic solutions to these crises."

[1] e.g by others such as NEF
Also see presidential nominees: McCain's views and plans Obama's views and plans