Online Bibliographies

Today I've been looking at systems to manage bibliographies. 
I found two that look good: and

  • is a plugin to Firefox. It's open source and has lots of nice features but sharing is not yet developed.
  • is a web-based interface that allows open sharing of pages.
I think Citeulike is the way forward for scholarly colaboration. 

However, it exports only in RIS (e.g. for Endnote+Word) or Bibtex (for Latex). What should I use if I want to use OpenOffice or just html for my documents?

Create a new Citeyoulike group for each document, and to simply link to that at the end of each online document.  When a paper needs to be finalised one can export the list into a completed Endnote file, and thence to the format required in the paper.


Anonymous said...

refbase doesn't have the same export limitations of CUL. It is open source, so you can run it on your own server or use

TheClimatePhilosopher said...

Thanks! I tried RefBase and it does seem to do the basic job well. If you want to export directly a reference list in RTF format for example it works very well.
Citeulike by contrast seems to work as a 'layer', exporting in RIS(for Endnote) or BibTex(for Latex) formats.

The ability to have it on your own server may be interesting for some.

There are a number of other features that CiteULite has that Refbase does not. e.g. the public groups functionality is brilliant in CUL; ability to set up RSS feeds, blogging and comments, integration with other online systems.

So choice of system depends on your goals. For basic, open source, logical bibliography program Refbase is good. For integration with online journals, flashy shareable groups and much else CUL may work well. CUL is free but it is not open source, unlike Refbase.