Green New Deal: Investment For Real Wealth

On Thursday 11th December, with two friends, Ii attended an event at the IPPR on The New Economics Foundation ’Green New Deal’ii. Present were Caroline Lucas, Leader of the Green party and Ann Pettifor from Advocacy International, leading light in Jubilee 2000 affair and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation.

Here are my notes:

Here are my thoughts, mostly taking off from what Caroline Lucas said:

  1. There are as many views about Keynes as there people

  2. Keynes is about Investment

  3. Investment means real wealth

  4. Investment doesn’t happen with uncertainty

  5. What governments can do is to eliminate uncertainty

  6. If banks cease to work - recreate another layer of banks above the existing banks.

i Vivienne Raper, Freelance; Robin Smith, Systemic Fiscal Reform; Stephen Stretton, 4CMR;