V for Vendetta

Imagine Britain 10 years after a devastating biological strike. The levers of the state and control of the media have been taken over by a dictator, albeit one who purports to support homely British values. Into this setting, comes an unnamed masked character who takes up against the state and the status quo. His mask is that of Guy Fawkes and his calling card "V for Vendetta".

The film begins with the destruction of the Old Bailey ("Defend the children of the poor; punish the wrongdoer") and it ends with the destruction of the Houses of Parliament. The destruction of two striking physical symbols of our society makes them in effect martyrs for what they represent.

This is a gripping film; with echoes of 1984 and at times some of the moral ambiguity of Brighton Rock or The Third Man. Its power flows from depicting a reality at odds with our image of ourself and yet close enough to the present to bite, hinting at what we might easily become.