The joys of Open Office and Zotero! (but save in MS Word .doc format using bookmarks for Zotero references)

Just a quick update about my favorite formats to use!

I've previously posted about the joys of (free, open source, easy to use) OpenOffice Writer over the dreaded (expensive, commercial, horrible) Microsoft Word; and the joys of (free, open source, easy to use) Zotero over the dreaded (expensive, commercial, horrible) Endnote.

However, the .doc format is, however, ubiquitous and if you start passing round .odt people get upset. But you don't need to use Microsoft Word in order to save in Word format! Open Office can save in Microsoft Word format (and PDF, Latex and MediaWiki for that matter)! You can also still use Zotero.

The particular referencing convention I tend to use is Author-Date (Harvard Reference Format 1) which stores the references as Endnotes, and I format using Bookmarks. Bookmarks are the format for use in word documents.

Comments: Zotero has an annoying habit of going back to Reference Marks when you click the set document preferences button. You need to ensure you stay on bookmarks if you do this. Zotero is fairly stable, but occasionally there are problems. It's best to backup your work regularly anyway.


TheClimatePhilosopher said...

The Zotero technical fields unfortunately won't carry over to Word and back, even if you use bookmarks. But that doesn't matter too much because (as long as you don't want to change Referencing Style half way) the reference will remain as plain text.

The alternative is to always use MS Word, but this has other disadvantages. None of the fields will be preserved anyway if you sync with your palm

So IMHO best to stick to Open Office personally and don't mess with Word and don't expect to preserve the Zotero fields if you switch into word, synchronize or do anything like that.