Biofuels - the rundown

Have I forgotten anything?

Life Cycle Analysis
- Direct Energy Use (tractors etc)
- Energy Use in fertilisers
- N2O emitted from fertilisers
- Methane emitted from land and cattle

Land Use
- Direct and Indirect
- Direct carbon loss

Opportunity cost
- Food
- Carbon Reduction
- Water

Systemic Effects
- Uses current transport system
- Avoids better futures

- Doesn't Displace Fossil Fuels.


the pensive prognosticator said...


Really slow on this one and very much on the fly, but how about:

processing costs in terms of energy, materials used in infrastructure and process, financial ?

the emissions from the vehicles etc using the stuff - there must be some,no matter how good the biofuel

impoverishment of soil/loss of fertility/degradation?

psychological factors - props up the status quo and reinforces mindsets opposed to adaption

the pensive prognosticator