Concentrated Interests Satisfying Distributed Needs

I've dipped into The Logic of Collective Action, recently. This is an absolute classic recommended to me originally by an ultra-intelligent Canadian lady that I know. Definitely worthwile reading. Thinking about the book, makes me come to the following draft conclusion. Here it is:

All successful* social changes ('memes') - by which I construe very broadly to include religions, technologies, political ideas, government policies, and behaviour traits - that I can think of, have two elements:
  1. the meme satisfies some need, desire or requirement felt by lots of people;
  2. they are invented, promoted or implemented by a single or small number of individuals/organizations with concentrated interests, who have a strong psychological or commercial interest in the meme.
Examples of the following can be found in religion (e.g. Christianity - human psychic needs/need for order in the Roman Empire & Jesus/his followers/the Roman Empire), technology (e.g. the telephone - public comminication & Bell), political ideology (e.g. communism - needs of the 'working class' & Marx/the Bolsheviks), and environmental protection (e.g. Ozone depletion - many people in high lattitude countries & the interests of Du Pont, which makes alternatives to CFCs).

(* by succesful I mean in this context simply that the changes happen.)