Designing a Book in Open Office

I've been searching for some tools to help me write a book. The word processing tool I intend to use is Open Office, which I find much more elegant and clean when it comes to the use of styles.

Using Open Office, I've been searching the web for tools to improve the design and give hints on writing a book in OO. Here is my list of links:

Overall this is the best link:

A basic tutorial on Open Office is Available here:
Further resources on taming OO are here:

A general guide to writing a book is available here:

There are two ways to write a book: as a single file or as a master document. For information about the single file method see here:

Interestingly, the other Open Office apps have styles too:

Information on graphic design and pagelayout is on Wikipedia here: and

I also use Zotero for references, which I'm finding very helpful. Go here


I've downloaded all the templates but I'm not that impressed by the graphical design.
The 'Advanced book template' has space for notes.

One template with active development is here:
This is intended for novelists, but has a lot of detailed help, including styles to create notes that won't be part of the final book. There is even a google group