Election Day

Well, we're in the middle of election day here in the UK. Obviously the big issue is how the government will tackle the deficit, amounting to about 12% of GDP; one pound in every four the government spends is borrowed. Tackling the deficit will require both spending cuts and taxation rises.

So which party is best?? They are all about the same as far as I can see. They all commit to tackling the deficit but none tell us how they will do it. Everyone agrees on notional, massive, spending cuts, but none provide enough of the hard detail.
Some people have asked me how I think they should vote. None of the parties is telling the truth, so why vote for any of them. I think we need a churchillian party that is willing to say, "All I offer is blood, sweat and tears" -- tax rises in other words.

On the other hand, there's no point in pushing the economy back into recession, which could cause a greek-style collapse. What we need, therefore, is tax rises that stimulate the economy, and push forward the new low carbon economy at the same time. Can't be done??? Well, it may just be possible. More on that another time.

But who should I vote for? Well, you can vote for a candidate not a party. Look for the best local candidates.

Vote for honesty or not at all.