Decisions Under Uncertainty

I found the following diagram from Mike Hulme's book interesting. It describes different ways of describing the risks from climate change (note the empowering nature of the national security frame).

Climate Change Frame
Audience Engaged
Scientific Uncertainty Frame
Those who don't want to change
National Security Frame
As above, but now inspired to act
Polar Bear Frame
Wildlife lovers
Money Frame
Politicians and the private sector
Catastrophe Frame
Those who are worried about the future
Justice and Equity Frame
Those with strong ethical leanings

Peter Dawe's comment that an entrepreneur is someone who makes decisions before knowing all the facts. I think we probably need more of an entrepreneurial attitude on this.

Source: Hulme (2009) 'Why we disagree about climate change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity', CUP (quoting Shanahan (2007) see )